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DJ for an Event with a Lot of Children

When it comes to events that are usually dominated by a younger crowd, it takes more than your average DJ to keep the energy and entertainment going strong.  We've seen so many DJs still playing the Birdy Song and Hamster Dance for the kids of today, when that's not what they want to hear at all!  Children and teenagers can vary quite extensively on musical tastes within their own age categories, so the different opinions on stuff means it's important to get the music right to keep everyone happy and dancing.  And that's when it's just the kids!  Then there are christenings and communions, probably the type of gigs with the most wide range of ages - those daytime family events have everyone from tiny babies right up to the oldest of great-grandparents, so again it's vital that we keep everyone enjoying themselves.  Get the right DJ for your event :)

We offer a few options for events like these, so that you can get the time duration and the cost to suit you best.  If the event is something like a children's birthday or school disco, then we recommend you choose a 3-hour mobile disco.  As the kids don't have work the next day and won't be drinking, you might want to consider having it on a Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday to keep costs down with our Week Day offer.  If it's something like an award ceremony or an event where we'll be stopping the music for you to do other things, we'd recommend you go for the 4-hour christening & communion option instead.  Depending on a teenager's maturity and preference between either a kiddy party or a more grown-up club rave type, it might be worth thinking about which is best out of the 3 or 4 hours.  

This completely changes the night into something so unique, making your event the ultimate party!  Want to know more?  Check the info on our VDJ page here now!

If you'd like to discuss your event or have any questions, we'd love to hear from you.  You can also book by contacting us, or if you'd like to save time you can use our automatic booking system below.  Got a discount coupon code? Redeem your offer now!