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NEW!  We now offer Video DJing!

Not sure what this is?  Not many people do - it's still relatively new, and very few do it in comparison to the amount of DJs out there.  VDJing, or VJing, is done by using video clips and samples as part of a DJ set, to create a visual dimension to the event.  If you've ever been to a festival or rave where they have impressive displays on big screens going to the music, that's the DJ or their video jockey VDJing to make the show that much better.  Music videos for the songs that are being played can also be mixed right in front of your very eyes, with a whole load of effects making the art of DJing watchable and even more enjoyable!

We're excited to announce that we're now offering Video DJ sets for everything that we do, which is sure to add a whole new level to your event!  From music videos and visual loops at your private function or nightclub / bar, to including your own home videos and clips of memories either throughout your wedding or just during the meal / first dance - we can even have your business logo and video advertising being played at your corporate event... the list is endless.  We can either plug in to the venue's TVs or bring our own projector and screen, so this can literally be set up anywhere you'd like.  Very few DJs offer this service around the country, never mind in this region, so you can be sure that this will make your event really stand out!

Check back soon for mini-mixes and full recordings of us VJing, and feel free to ask for more details about this optional extra.